How to make big wins as you play raging rhino slot machine

Software developers compete with each other by releasing new games to casinos. WMS cannot be left behind since it released its first game known as Raging rhino slot machine. If you are in search of a video slot that can give you huge wins, you should try this game. It is a highly volatile game that can have a lot of rewards. As you play this slot machine, you should be focused on obtaining three diamond symbols which translate to 8 free spins. Getting more of these symbols increases the number of free spins that you can get from the game. For instance, 6 diamonds translate to 20 free spins. These spins prolong your game and help you save your investment.

Gamblers apply different skills in video slots as they try to make huge wins from the games. Like other slot machines, raging rhino is a skill-based game that needs more than luck. For you to win huge from it, you must watch out for particular symbols such as the Tree symbol. This appears on reels 2-6, and it translates to 3x or 2x wild multipliers. You can double your winnings if the wild symbols form a winning combination. Aim at getting at least 3 wilds for you to get monster wins. You can even win raging rhino slot machine jackpot. Though the results of this game are random, being a frequent player increases your odds of being a jackpot winner. All the best!

Play raging rhino anytime from an online casino

You don’t have to wait for your turn to play raging rhino in a land-based casino. You can access the game on your laptop or even smartphone any time you want. You only need to choose a good site that offers this game and start enjoying the game.

Play Raging Rhino for Free with No Deposit

Professional gamblers who have been playing games such as Raging Rhino understand the different ways of saving money on such games. One of the techniques that you can use as you play raging rhino online is to engage in the game for free without necessarily betting with money out of your pocket. Raging Rhino is a good example of a slot that accommodates everyone, including players that don’t have much to gamble with.

The software provider, therefore, gives you different ways to participate in this game regardless of the amount you have. You can enjoy this privilege whether you want to play raging rhino online slot for the first time or not. No deposit slot bonuses are offered in the form of free cash or free spins.

  • Free spins

One of the things that make many people play Raging Rhino online casino game is its numerous free spins. This can help you play the game for free without depositing your cash. You need to make use of the scatter icons for you to gain some free spins. Anything between 2 and 6 scatters can earn you between 5-50 free spins. You have to sign up with a particular site so that you can claim the free spins.

  • Free cash

Your choice of casino determines the types of incentives you can qualify for. When you want to play Raging Rhino online game, you need to choose a good site that can give you free cash. Some of the sites offer free cash to slot players so that they can start engaging in games such as raging rhino without utilizing their own money.

You may receive any amount ranging from $10-60. Though this cash is free, casinos set a condition for you to start utilizing it. You have to fulfill the wagering requirements for you to begin playing raging rhino for free with this money. In most sites, the bonus should be wagered a few times on the game. Ensure that the site you choose does not have stringent conditions that can make it hard for you to gain the free cash. Play Raging Rhino online today and win by using the house’s money.

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Raging Rhino Slot Review 2020

One of the popular slot machines that continues to rank highly in the gambling industry is Raging Rhino. The game comes from a software developer known as WMS, which has been developing epic slot machines since the 1970s. Like most of the games, this slot stands out due to its unique elements and key features. Before you play Raging Rhino, you should understand everything about this slot game. Here are some of the basics that you need to know.

What makes this machine unique?

If you have been enjoying slots for a while, you can tell that this slot game is not your ordinary type. You play raging rhino slot on six reels as opposed to the regular 5. The playing screen is also bigger compared to what is found in most of the slot games. Each spin in this game has a potential of 4096 ways of winning. This slot does not have the standard pay lines that you will find in other games.

The features of Raging Rhino

Most people play Raging Rhino online due to its impressive features. This game contains some symbols that you must align from left to right for you to start forming winning combinations. It consists of animal symbols, with the most valuable one being the rhino. You can also match identical symbols of animals such as the alligator, cheetah, and gorilla. Some people also make something small from utilizing the six-card icons included here.

For you to play raging rhino slot machines, you need at least $0. 40. As you play this game, you should be looking forward to winning significant cash. The game can pay up to 1000 times your bet. It also excels in regards to the graphics included. Most people not only love the high-quality graphics but also the ability of the reels to expand, giving you a better view. The game also consists of some jungle sounds during spinning, making your game quite immersive. Apart from the regular features, you can also make more as you play Raging Rhino game through unique icons.

See why raging rhino’s a mean green win machine

Are you the patient type of slot player that is not in a hurry to gain small wins? If yes, then raging rhino slot is the game for you. This slot may not pay out regularly, but it can award you a substantial amount over an extended period. Its impressive payouts attract a lot of slot lovers since you can win as much as $ 250,000 from playing this slot like an expert. Like most of the slot machines, the raging rhino has an RTP of 95.91%. It is also a popular slot machine since it provides room for slot lovers with different budgets to play. This is because you can start playing with only 0.4. The maximum bet limit set is $ 60.

Learn more about the theme used in Raging Rhino

Players spend hours enjoying raging rhino slot machine due to its entertaining theme. William Interactive, the software developer that created this game, incorporates an animal theme. Right from the background of this game, you can tell how keen the game developer is on detail. It reveals a blend of habitats and continents with animals, such as the gorillas appearing in the hilly jungle area and rhinos roaming around the plains. Get a chance to explore other animals such as porcupines, leopards, and crocodiles from playing this slot.

The reels of this game come in a vibrant emerald color that gives the slot machine an exotic feel. You will also like the way the light and shadow allow the symbols in this game to pop. Apart from the animals, the game also includes captivating sounds that make it more immersive and fun to play. During spinning, you will enjoy the morning chorus of insects and birds as well as the tribal drums that play from time to time.


The love for animals inspires a lot of software developers to create slot games based on wildlife. One of the games that have incorporated a similar theme is raging rhino online. Though this game was initially available at land-based sites, online platforms now offer it to attract more customers. Playing this slot game from your phone or desktop is more convenient and fun since you can play it at your own pace.

Play raging rhino as you explore the great visuals of this game. It is set in the African Jungle, which is full of different animals. Though the lion is usually the king, the rhino in this game is more superior to any other animal in the jungle. This also makes it the most valuable symbol. The charming sounds of animals accompany every spin in raging rhino online slot. You will also like the lovely scene of the skyline in this slot machine.

Apart from the animal symbols, players of Raging Rhino slot online can utilize the African tree and diamond symbols to win more. In this game, the African tree stands for the wild symbol. It often shows up in most of the reels and can replace the ordinary symbols. The diamond, on the other hand, is the scatter symbol that has to occupy three positions to award a payout. It has an RTP of 95.91%. This rate is a bit low compared to what other slot games offer.

Does the slot deliver?

Most newbies who try Raging Rhino online game for the first time often wonder if this game can deliver excellent results. Though the slot machine is not perfect, it can be a game-changer due to its numerous winning possibilities. Though some players still prefer the regular pay lines structure, incorporating the ‘ways-to-win’ format makes the famous raging rhino online different from conventional machines. The game can also award as much as 80,000 coins to the best players. According to most reports, this slot machine is not only entertaining but also rewarding. Learn how to play raging rhino today and increase your chances of making great wins from it.

Why raging rhino is a lucky slot 

Not many slots have the potential of multiplying your bet up to 400 times, but raging rhino slot can. This is a classic style slot machine that can make you the lucky winner of a great amount. Playing this game gives you a chance to entertain not only yourself but also build your bankroll. It is a fun game that both newbies and experienced players explore from time to time. The ‘ways-to-win’ format also makes raging rhino a lucky slot. As you play this game, you also get an additional reel for you to align symbols. It, therefore, gives you great opportunities for you to form wins.

Play raging rhino lucky slot from any device

Unlike in the past, where casino games were only available at brick and mortar sites, you can now access and play such slots from any device. WMS ensures that this game is compatible with different operating systems to accommodate players on various devices. Even when you have a small screen, you can still enjoy a realistic experience from playing raging rhino. Both Android and iPhone devices enable one to enjoy the great sound effects and 3D graphics featured in Raging rhino. Feel free to play this game for fun before trying it on the real-money mode.

The bonus guarantee makes raging rhino a unique slot

A free spin bonus round just slipping away from you as you play slots can be quite demoralizing. If this has happened to you in the past, you should not worry about having such an experience as you play raging rhino. This game has a unique feature known as the bonus guarantee that prevents you from walking away with anything less than ten times your stake. Every time you get to the free spins bonus round, you should take advantage of the bonus guarantee feature available.

Top secrets to win at raging rhino 

Do you wonder how it would feel like to go on a Safari to the African Savannah? Take a trip to the wonderland by playing raging rhino from the comfort of your home. This game exposes you to some dangerous animals, which are the key to making great wins from playing. For you to start winning at online Raging Rhino, you need to get familiar with it through the fun mode. Most sites let you play this game for fun so that you can learn its basics.

Once you get comfortable with Raging Rhino slot game, you can start placing bets. Since the game is highly volatile, you should start making a small bet at first and leave the maximum bets to the experts. Making a minimum bet in this game allows you to remain in a comfort zone for long.

If you are playing this slot for the first time, you may not like it a first, but frequent playing can change your perception of the game. It may be a highly volatile game, but most players report making small winnings from a single session. It may not appear friendly at first, but it offers generous payments that most players love.

Experts of this game can agree that learning the right strategy is the secret to winning at Raging Rhino game. For you to beat the machine, you should learn how to trigger the available free spins. Earning a high number of free spins gives you a chance to increase your winnings. Any wilds that show up during the free spins enables you to earn multipliers that can double or triple your wins. The good thing about this slot is that gaining free spins is not that complicated.

This game has a prolonged cycle length. You, therefore, need to take advantage of the coins for you to influence this cycle. Though you may be looking forward to making great wins from mobile Raging Rhino, you should be prepared to make some losses during the first rounds. When this happens, triggering the free spins can help you return what you have lost in the game.

Raging rhino, tips, secrets and more!

As you plan to play a raging rhino slot machine, you should understand the configuration of the game. Though raging rhino has fixed pay lines, you can customize the bet multiplier and adjust your stake starting from 40p to $ 60. When it comes to the symbols of this game, the sunset-soaked tree represents the wild symbol while the coveted diamond is the scatter symbol. For you to trigger free spins, you must land at least three diamond symbols. This can earn you between 15 and 50 free spins. Raging Rhino also has sizable multipliers. For instance, if you land a diamond in the six available reels, you can get up to 40x your stake. The game has an RTP of 96% meaning you can lose $ 4 to the house for every $ 100 you invest in the slot machine.

What do 4096 pay lines mean for players?

One of the factors that gamblers look for when searching for a suitable slot game is the number of pay lines that games offer. Raging Rhino slot comes with a unique structure and numerous pay lines. Though you get more ways of winning, the pay lines do not necessarily mean more wins. As a gambler, you are the one who can determine the number of wins you get from the game by making sound decisions while playing. Learn the rules of the game and make use of rewarding features to grow your bankroll. You can first test the game by playing a free raging rhino slot.

The raging rhino slot machine jackpot awaits!

Players like raging rhino slot game because of its high volatility. This implies that you could play for several times without making substantial wins then finally end up winning a huge amount from the Jackpot opportunities. Though the results are random, frequent playing increases your chance of being a Jackpot winner from this slot game.

A Raging Rhino slot machine has lots of goodies to deliver. It contains 6 reels instead of the regular 5, and each of these reels has a payout. The game has a massive 4096 ways to win, but the truth is the game is more volatile than any other in the world. One moment, you are winning handsomely and the next, you are losing badly. Most people who only play it once – and lose – vow to never touch the game again but those who press through loses know that the payout is worth all the patience.

Free Raging Rhino Online Slot

When playing this game offline, you are likely to lose some good money at first, but when you play raging rhino online slot, then you are unlikely to lose money. You have the chance to learn the game and then apply the strategy when you play for money.

When playing for real money, you want to start small. You want to place the minimum bet – $0.40 – and then work your way through your stack. Money management is very important in Raging Rhino as starting big could lead to big losses.

Know when to Stop Raging

You want to know when to stop, but at the same time, you want to hold on for as long as possible. Thing is, you could be losing up to 70% of your money but make it all back after striving a little more. The bonuses, free spins, and guaranteed bonuses at the end of those free spins. If you start small, your losses will be minimal and so will be your winnings. Still, these minimum bets help you play longer. With Raging Rhino, it is not so much about strategy as it luck. If you have no control of the game, then you had better manage your stack smartly.

How you can enjoy free Raging Rhino slots

If you are looking to play Raging Rhino slot but at no cost, you can achieve this in different ways. WMS casinos that offer this game let you play the game on the fun mode. Apart from using this method, you can also play it for free by looking for a site that offers free credits without the need to deposit your own funds. Make use of the free money from the house before the expiration date for you to enjoy this slot machine. While at it, you should not forget to use the right Raging Rhino tips and tricks.

The following Raging Rhino tips should help

Whether you prefer playing Raging Rhino free slot or want to place real cash on the line, the right tips can make a significant difference. Most people consider this their favorite slot machines due to the numerous small winnings that you can make within a single session. Due to its high volatility, it is advisable to start betting small. You need to determine the right strategy that can give you a great victory from playing. Though Raging rhino has an extended cycle length, you can influence this by taking advantage of the coins. The machine takes some time before you get used to it, but after some time, you will start enjoying it. Though this slot machine may not look friendly at first, it can give generous payments after mastering it.

Find out the secrets to winning in Raging Rhino

One of the Raging Rhino tips and tricks that you may not hear from other sources is how to beat the machine. You should try to trigger the free spins so that the game works in your favor. The more free spins you earn, the higher your winnings. Start by playing raging rhino free slots before you move to the real money version.

Where can I play Raging Rhino?

This slot game is available in casinos that are powered by WMS. Casinos such as BetRivers give you the chance of winning raging rhinos. You can make Raging rhino big wins by playing the game from your mobile phone without necessarily visiting a land-based casino. The rules of the game still apply for mobile players. Feel free to play the game from your desktop when you don’t need a mobile platform.

How to make raging rhino big wins

Meet a new king of the Jungle, the Rhino from this slot machine. Every gambler playing this slot game looks forward to winning. For this to happen, you have to always be ahead of the predators in the game so that you don’t become prey. You can play a raging rhino slot free of charge from the demo version as you get familiar with the rules and basic strategy of the game. Winning a raging rhino slot game comes from learning how to implement the right technique and from combinations in the game. The biggest payout comes from hitting the jackpot. If you are not lucky enough to be a jackpot winner, you can still get good payouts from landing wilds on reels 2-5. Though Raging rhino does not have bonuses, the free spin rounds can be quite rewarding.

The following tips will help you make raging rhino wins

Raging Rhino is a volatile game that can be tricky to win. In as much as you can make raging rhino big wins, losing is a possibility. To avoid this and increase your odds of succeeding in the game, you should wager as per your stack. For instance, if you own $ 100, place a minimum bet of $ 0.40 so that you avoid risking a lot of money. Do not give up on the game but be careful on how you play.

Raging Rhino is a jungle-themed game with some of the most interesting features of a game. You have 4096 ways to play and win this game that has 6 spinning reels instead of the regular 5. The game features free spins, multipliers, regular bonuses, and it is mobile friendly too. Before you play, be warned that this game is highly volatile and so it is not the easiest to win.

Winning Free Spins when you Play Raging Rhino Online

When playing Raging rhino online, you want to be on the lookout for symbols that will give you free spins and other wins. Three “diamond” symbols will give you up to 50 free spins during a game and even more bonuses as you play.

During these free spins, score a “rhino” symbol and you stand the chance to multiply your reward. You could win up to 2000 times the money waged. Naturally, it is not so easy to spot these wild symbols and so you will need to be patient.

At the end of the free spins, a bonus is guaranteed, which is one of the most appealing features of this game. This guarantee is available whenever you play raging rhino online slots. The game, at the end, guarantees to pay 10 times your bet size.

Mobile Friendly

Raging rhino slot is available to both Android and iOS users, capturing a large audience of players. Most people access games through their mobile device, and so it makes sense that any online casino worth its salt is keen on making this feature available.

Do you have to be of legal age to pay Raging Rhino? Of course, you do as it is categorized as gambling and so anyone involved in this amazing game should at least be 21 years old.

If you go through Raging Rhino review 2019, you will notice how many fans this game has. It is a popular game that many people play for both fun and real money. One of the things that make a raging rhino stand out is its unique layout. It gives you more than 4,000 ways of winning. Though raging rhinos can seem intimidating for a new player, it does not take time before you fall in love with this slot machine. Apart from the animal symbols, raging rhino also features some high-value symbols such as the wild symbol. The software developer ensures that you get exciting gameplay as you spin the reels of this slot machine.

Prepare to make Raging Rhino big wins as you use the available features

When playing Raging Rhino slot for real money, the features are the most critical aspects of the game. You can use the wild symbol to activate the free spin bonus feature. If you manage to match three diamonds, you get eight free spins with an addition of a 120 coin. Matching 6 diamond symbols can help you trigger up to 50 spins. The wild can also transform into a multiplier such that it doubles your stake. The luckiest players win a jackpot from this game.

Who should play Raging Rhino?

Though this game appeals to many, it is not ideal for everybody. You can know this by looking at its limits. It is a game that is meant for the high rollers who don’t mind investing a little bit more in gambling. The volatility of the game also makes it not suitable for every type of player. The wins from this slot machine are relatively smaller compared to what other slots offer. Due to its high variance, it is ideal for players who enjoy big but infrequent wins.

What makes Raging Rhino different from other Online Slot games?

Gambling lovers from all around the world have certainly chosen their favourite slot game. One of the most loved games, especially amongst casinos from PA, is Raging Rhino.

A short description

Raging Rhino is a 6-reel video slot game that offers you 4096 possible ways of winning. Its aesthetic is inspired by the African Savannah, all the symbols having the appearance of wild creatures. If you manage to trigger the tree symbol on reels 2 to 6, you will win up to three times the actual price. Also, if you manage to put more than 3 diamonds on the same pay line, you enter the Free Spin Feature. These are its main characteristics, and, as you can already tell, you can make a fortune out of it. Mix some tips and tricks with some luck and you will have the perfect recipe.

Other Reasons for Choosing Raging Rhino Slot Game

Beside its features, the way this game is displayed offers you a whole new perspective. No matter the way you choose to play, online or offline, it offers you a complete experience. The colours used, the luminosity, the sounds, every characteristic is at its best. The sound effects keep you entertained, while the raging rhino spins all over the screen. As an overall experience, I would describe it as both a great source of entertainment and a perfect moneymaking experience.

To those who had the chance to play the same slot game both online and in a land-based casino, it may not be news that sometimes you will get differences when switching from an online platform to a slot machine. Here are a couple of differences you may notice when playing Raging Rhino:

Raging Rhino Slot Luminosity

When playing Raging Rhino in an online casino, you will find that the game provides high-resolution graphics, with a clear and luminous user experience. All symbols are designed with close attention and the overall theme of the game is quite entertaining.

When moving to an actual slot machine, Raging Rhino will become more luminous and the graphics will stand out a little bit more. This is usually what happens to all slot games. A bigger screen will show more light and the symbols might catch your eye a bit more.

Raging Rhino Slot Sound Effects

Raging Rhino is accompanied by a really cool and upbeat soundtrack. It covers the overall feeling of being surrounded by nature and a rhythmical drum beat. Raging Rhino is one of the slot games where sound effects really make the difference. If you play Raging Rhino from your mobile device,  you can benefit from the full experience when utilizing the headphones.

Once you move to a real slot machine, sound effects may not be as accurate. You are bound to be distant from the actual speakers of the machine, missing out on some really cool sound effects.

Raging Rhino Slot Overall Experience

There must be a reason behind the increasing number of people who choose to go online for a source of entertainment. It is, indeed, much easier and comfortable to access your favorite games from your own home. We feel that Raging Rhino is a great game, which deserves to be enjoyed with no rush and external distraction. In order to benefit from the full Raging Rhino experience, we recommend that you choose to play it online!

If we begin looking at online slot games with an appreciative eye, Raging Rhino is certainly one of a kind. Amongst hundreds of different online slot games, Raging Rhino managed to stand out thanks to a number of elements. When we talk about “beauty”, we are actually looking at the user experience provided by Raging Rhino.

With Raging Rhino, the overall user experience is slightly different than what you would normally get with a classic online slot game. Usually, the themes provided by slot games will feature symbols that empower the idea of money making: golden coins, treasures, precious stones and other extravagant elements. With Raging Rhino, the overall impression of the game has little to do with that. Apart from a couple of symbols represented by a diamonds and crowns, Raging Rhino encourages a different kind of theme.

The main purpose of the slot game is to create a pleasant context for the user. Instead of stressing on the idea of money making, Raging Rhino focuses on making the game fun. With bright colours and a very clean design, Raging Rhino is one of the most cheerful online slot game. Once you start playing, you will be pulled directly into the atmosphere of a jungle full of wild animals.

Start playing Raging Rhino Online Slot today!

You can play Raging Rhino in land-based and online casinos. The game is also available on your mobile devices working with IOS or Android. All you have to do is pick your favorite online casino, make a deposit and start playing!

If we begin looking at online slot games with an appreciative eye, Raging Rhino is certainly one of a kind. Amongst hundreds of different online slot games, Raging Rhino managed to stand out thanks to a number of elements. When we talk about “beauty”, we are actually looking at the user experience provided by Raging Rhino.

What makes Raging Rhino different from other Online Slot games?

With Raging Rhino, the overall user experience is slightly different than what you would normally get with a classic online slot game. Usually, the themes provided by slot games will feature symbols that empower the idea of money making: golden coins, treasures, precious stones and other extravagant elements. With Raging Rhino, the overall impression of the game has little to do with that. Apart from a couple of symbols represented by a diamonds and crowns, Raging Rhino encourages a different kind of theme.

The main purpose of the slot game is to create a pleasant context for the user. Instead of stressing on the idea of money making, Raging Rhino focuses on making the game fun. With bright colors and a very clean design, Raging Rhino is one of the most cheerful online slot game. Once you start playing, you will be pulled directly into the atmosphere of a jungle full of wild animals.

Start playing Raging Rhino Online Slot today!

You can play Raging Rhino in land-based and online casinos. The game is also available on your mobile devices working with IOS or Android. All you have to do is pick your favorite online casino, make a deposit and start playing!

Don’t take our word for granted. Try now some of the best online slot games!

How to play Raging rhino slot online

If you have played slot games before, you will realize that Raging Rhino is not like the rest. This game is unique since it comes with 6 reels as opposed to 5. The additional reel included in the game gives you more opportunities to win. Most of the slot games also come with few pay lines, but Raging rhino is different. Play raging rhino slot casinos and enjoy 4,096 pay lines. It is a game that comes with a unique structure to give you a different experience from what you are used to. Though the game gives you more ways of winning, it does not guarantee you more wins. You, therefore, have to learn the rules of the game for you to win. Thankfully, you can play raging rhino free as you learn the basics before betting using real money.

WMS software created a video slot machine that is based on an African adventure. For you to play raging rhino slot casinos, you have to set a bet beforehand. Look for the bet multiplier and adjust your bet according to your preference. We recommend that you set a low bet especially if you are playing the game for the first time. You can now start the game by pressing the spin button. Casinos offer an auto-play button which allows automatic spinning without any interruptions.

The features included in Raging Rhino

This is a video slot game that has an RTP of 96%. It contains special features such as free spins, wild and scatter. Raging Rhino also comes with multipliers that can help you double your winnings. Since it is an African themed game, raging rhino comes with symbols that support the theme.

A lot of slot lovers consider this game among their favorites. Its immense atmosphere of wild passion and dangerous animals makes it an exciting game. Raging Rhino free slot lets you go real hunting as you anticipate to make some wins. This game allows you to practice and gain some skills that you can use to play for real money. There are numerous opportunities of winning as you embark on a Safari. Raging Rhino slot machine jackpot also attracts high rollers looking to make big wins from the game. Try playing this slot machine today and enjoy all its benefits.

Placing bets on raging rhino slot machine

This slot machine was created by a famous slot provider known as WMS. The company ensures that they provide players with a wide range of stakes to accommodate both low and high rollers. This means that you get the liberty to decide how much you want to bet on the game. Though some people place large bets, it is advisable that you start with small amounts when you are not accustomed to the real money version. Play raging rhino slot online with at least $1.20 to reduce the risk of making losses. This amount makes it easy for you to stay in a comfort zone for a while. You should also use raging rhino tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning the game as you bet low.

Here are a few secrets of the slot machine that you should know about

Raging Rhino is a high volatile game that needs careful playing. One of the most useful raging rhino tips and tricks is determining the right strategy to use. This is what will guarantee you big wins from the game. Expect to lose at first, but you can regain the funds through triggering the available free spins.

One of the aspects that attract players to this slot machine is the features. The game consists of some standard icons such as A, K, and Q. Special icons such as the tree, cheetah, and rhino also exist. While these icons represent specific coin values, using unique symbols can help you earn much more. Utilize the wild symbol which appears on reels, 2-5. This symbol can lead to huge payouts since it can replace the regular symbols. You can also make use of the diamond scatter symbol for you to earn free spins from the game. You can get 50 free spins by landing six scatter symbols. There is also a free spin round, which offers additional free spins. This can extend your gameplay and prevent you from betting with more cash.

Raging rhino sites allow you to play the game on the go

If you don’t like being confined to your desktop for you to enjoy casino games, look for a site that offers mobile raging rhino. Most legit sites in the region let you play this slot machine from different devices, including smartphones or tablets. They also allow you to switch your gameplay from one device to another. When you are playing this slot machine from a mobile device, most aspects, including the rules, remain the same. The only differing thing may be the size of your screen. Playing raging rhino on the go is more fun since it keeps you busy during travel.

Where can you play the raging rhino slot?

Sites that work with WMS offer this slot machine to customers. The advantage of playing this game is that you get to enjoy additional perks, such as lucrative bonuses. You can play the game on the site. 

Play online raging rhino slot machine

Do you like playing video slots for real money? You should try your luck on Raging Rhino. Experts reveal that this is one of the volatile slot games in casinos. It means that in as much as you can win big, there is also a possibility of losing easily. That is why you need to learn how to play Raging rhino well and understand the following tips. As you begin to play for real money, place a bet that you can afford. Your stack should guide you on how much you should bet with. For instance, if you have $ 100, you should start betting a minimum amount of only $ 0.40. If you win big, don’t be quick to leave the game since it can strike once more. You should also not give up after a few losses. Despite losing or winning, you should aim at having fun as you explore the adventure.

Not all online slots are based on reels containing fruits. Developed by Williams Interactive, raging rhino is a unique slot machine that comes with an impressive design. The theme of this game is about African nature, and it contains amusing animations that boost your imagination. As you play raging rhino online slot, cheerful music plays at the background to keep you entertained and create a relaxing atmosphere. It eliminates pressure so that you can enjoy the game as you play at your own pace.

The rules of playing free raging rhino slot online

Like any other casino slot game, raging rhino comes with some rules. To start playing, you have to spin the button and be patient for the winning combination to show up. This slot game features 4 rows, 6 reels and 4096 ways of winning. When playing for fun, you should take advantage of the features that the raging rhino online slot offers so that you can practice before switching to real money version. The winning combinations can have a single symbol from the adjacent reels.

Features that raging rhino online slot contains

This is a game that comes with multiple colorful symbols that are well designed. Some of the symbols that form winning combinations include crocodiles, rhinos, cards, and leopards. If you are playing for real money, collecting up to 6 symbols can earn you good cash. You can also benefit from raging rhino online slot machine jackpot which guarantees enormous wins. The game also contains a wild symbol which occurs on specific reels. This symbol shows itself during the free spins mode and can replace all the other symbols. Take advantage of the free spins feature and multipliers to extend your game-play. Look for a reputable casino working with WMS to play Raging rhino slot for free or real money.

Like any other casino game, Raging Rhino is a slot machine that comes with a payout percentage. This game features six reels and 4096 ways to win. The return to player rate of raging rhino is 95.91%. Though the RTP is not as high as in other games, it is still not that bad. It means that you can still get a sizeable amount if you learn to play the game like an expert. Start practicing today in the fun mode as you enjoy the captivating theme. You should also get familiar with the tips and tricks of playing this slot machine to boost your chances of winning.

Why you should play Raging Rhino online

This slot machine is popular since it is considered as one of the most rewarding. Playing raging rhino from an online platform can help you gain a lot. It not only has a unique theme but also rewarding features. The betting limits are also suitable to many players. You can start betting with a minimum coin size of 0.40.  The jackpot in raging rhino also attracts a lot of players.

What is the main theme used in Raging Rhino slot?

A theme in any game defines how interesting it is. Slot players do not like games with boring themes since they like being entertained as they try to win some money. That is why software developers are keen on accompanying slot machines with exciting themes. In raging rhino, the theme is based on the African Jungle, which is full of creatures. The rhino is the king of this jungle, and it represents the most paying symbols. On your safari adventure, you will also interact with other animals that have different values. It also has an entertaining soundtrack of animal sounds that sets the mood of the slot machine.

Raging Rhino is a unique slot machine that can be quite rewarding. To play Raging Rhino, you should use the control panel to access its paytable. The highest possible payout in the game is 80,000 coins. It is possible to activate the wins by settling symbols on adjacent reels aligned from left to right. Winning Raging Rhino is easy if you utilize the free spins. If you are not lucky with this, you can use the guaranteed bonus to increase your chances of winning. The feature can multiply your bet up to 10 times.

Play raging rhino slot free as you utilize the following symbols

A loud cry of an elephant welcomes you to the raging rhino slot machine. As you play Raging Rhino, you will be impressed by the sounds of monkeys chattering, lions roaring and birds cawing. The game also contains some grunting warthogs and a snorting rhino. The animals set the mood of your game and make it lively. These lucrative symbols are the key to making Raging rhino big wins. Apart from animal symbols, the game also contains card symbols such as A, Q, K 10, and K, which have low value. Since the game does not include any set pay lines, it gives you numerous ways of winning.

Where can I play Raging Rhino?

Different casinos offer this slot machine. You should choose one that guarantees high payouts and offers maximum security. If you like playing this slot machine for real money, then signing up with a safe casino should be a priority. For you to play Raging Rhino slot machine, you should have a stable internet connection if you choose to play it directly from your browser. Do not forget to place a bet according to your set budget before you start playing Raging Rhino.

The gameplay of Raging Rhino slot machine

Are you a patient player looking for a slot that can help you win big? You should try playing the Raging rhino slot. You only need a minimum of $ 0.4 to start spinning the reels of this game. If you are a high roller, you can make a maximum bet of $ 60. Unlike other casino games, you don’t need complicated skills for you to start playing this slot machine. Learning the rules and using the right strategy can help you win up to $ 250,000. The number of pay lines also gives you more ways of winning.

The Rhino slot machine that will keep you entertained

If you are having a dull day, you can change this by playing Raging Rhino free slot machines. Here you get to enjoy an African theme as you explore wild animals in a jungle. The jungle is full of gorillas, leopards, crocodiles, porcupines, and rhinos which hold big prizes. The software developer that came up with the slot machine incorporates vibrant emerald colors in the reels to make the machine look bright. They also make use of lights and shadows that enable the symbols to pop. Playing Raging rhino slot machines is quite captivating due to its colorful theme. Hypnotic tribal drums play as you spin the reels. The morning chorus of birds and animals are quite enchanting.

Take note of the RTP as you play Raging Rhino

Before playing any slot machine, you should figure out how much you can get from the game. Each game has a certain percentage known as the return to the player. When it comes to the Raging Rhino slot, you get an RTP of 95.91%. It means that for every spin, the house makes a profit of at least 0.6%. This is a decent RTP for players.

Do you love hunting? Play Raging Rhino today and get the chance to show your skills in this activity. This is an amazing game that has multiple ways of winning. The wide range of stakes makes this slot machine accessible to different types of players. Due to favorable ranges, it is possible for you to play with real money as you remain in your comfort zone. As you start real money wagering on this slot machine, we recommend that you bet with the minimum amount. This can prevent you from making a lot of losses as you practice the game. It is however not easy to hit the jackpot in this slot machine unless you are lucky.

How to win at raging rhino slot [secrets, probabilities, strategies, tricks]

When playing Raging Rhino for real money, you have to know the secrets to this machine and use the right strategy. The game shows itself well in demo mode.  Take your time to understand the rules of the game so that you can increase your chances of winning.  Using the advantage of coins can help you influence the cycle of Raging rhino slot games. Try to add multipliers for you to earn free spins as you play. It is possible for you to earn up to 50 free spins from playing. During your first round of the game, you can lose up to $100 but recover your funds by retriggering free spins.

Why you should play Raging Rhino at WMS casinos

Most of the casinos that work with this software developer have a lot in store for players. When playing games such as Raging Rhino, you will enjoy not only high quality graphics and features but also numerous promotions. You can get a match up bonus for you to start playing this slot machine with the casino’s money.

When the Raging Rhino slot was created, it became quite famous in most of the land-based casinos. This popularity made it among the first slot machines to make it online around 2014. Both new and seasoned players started playing this game from online sites. When the slot machine was made available on mobile devices, it did not receive the same reception. Players started complaining about the sluggish gameplay. It had some significant drawbacks that made it a dull game to play from a mobile platform. The software developer decided to make some adjustments to the original slot to restore its good name. It, therefore, created a better version of the game and called it Raging Rhino Megaways.

Raging Rhino Megaways review

The slot machine comes with more than a hundred thousand ways of winning and six reels. It features an African savannah theme and has symbols in support of this. The visual appearance of this slot machine is impressive since the background contains gradient colors. Some of the symbols included in the game include animals like rhinos, gorillas, cheetahs, and crocodiles. The wild symbol in this game looks like the sunset.

Play Raging Rhino online today and enjoy the following features

With as little as 20 cents, you can start playing this slot machine from any online casino. It features cascading reels that can help you make consistent wins. The free spins rounds can also help you gain a considerable amount from playing. Try to land at least four-diamond scatters for you to earn free spins. Learn how to play this game so that you can benefit from the win multipliers and unlimited spins. The available wild multipliers can increase your wager up to 5 times. Most players also love the bonus guarantee present in this slot machine.


Gone are the days when you had to go to a casino to gamble for real money. Technology has made it possible to have your cake and eat it – download an app from your preferred casino and play the game online without having to leave the house. Even better is the fact that you can play this on your mobile device, and so you aren’t tied to your PC or laptop.

To play mobile slots, all you need is connectivity to internet, a strategy and a winning spirit. Virtual casinos have no physical levers to pull, but you still get the feel of a real casino, thanks to the features that are made for a thrilling experience. You don’t get to go all in if you are only a beginner. Play mobile slots free for a while until you perfect your game and then go on like a pro.

You have several options including the classic slots, mobile slots with bonus games, and these days, themed games – with a jungle setting or your favorite movie. The options are unlimited!

Why Play Mobile Slot Games Online?

Most people love the convenience of playing online. You don’t need to be in a physical location to catch the game and so all you need is your mobile device and internet connection. The best mobile slots will be found in the leading casinos, which have registered online gaming deals.

Before you play, you will need to be registered, where you will provide your details for identification. The legal age for gambling is 21, so you have to prove this. Casinos will throw in wild, free spins, symbol stacks, and other bits to entice players and to keep them coming. As long as you have nailed a winning strategy, you are put to make some real money!


Casinos all over the world are embracing online gambling to capture potential audiences that spend too much time on their phones. This strategy has worked well over time because currently, over half the online gambling population does this from their smart phones.

You can play for real money the same way you can play for free to improve your skills and strategy. Casinos are using all sorts of strategies to entice online users. The mobile slots no deposit bonus is one of the best methods to get people to register and play, since they are covered for any initial eventuality. This bonus gives them the confidence to get started and become ardent players.

Mobile slots free spins are yet another strategy casinos have been using. This perk is mostly available to mobile users who get as many free spins as the casinos deems fit to get them started. The mobile slot games no deposit bonus is usually only available when one registers for the first time, but free spins are regular giveaways.

What does mobile slots free bonus no deposit mean to a gambler? Technically, this term is used to mean the casino will give a new users a special sign-up bonus that they can withdraw later, but under certain conditions. The casino decides how you withdraw the bonus, typically after you reach a certain threshold. You cannot receive this amount until you have played.

Playing anywhere at any time is definitely a game changer for the gambling industry. Recently, new games have included these fancy designs that have transformed the look of a mobile casino to that of a live one, which has only made this platform more popular. You can play for free until you are ready to commit and play for real money.


Wild symbols are a standout amongst the most critical unique components of opening diversions. Since these images contribute a ton to expanding earrings, it’s prescribed to pick club amusements with wild opening recreations.

Wild slots have at least one joker images. These images can supplant different cards to shape rewards lines and therefore, they bring more shots. The benefit rate of an amusement is impacted, in addition to other things, by the nearness of wild images, absolutely in light of the fact that they are a genuine help for the player.

The image works basically. Assume you require 3 seven-digit images on a payline to get a pick up, and just 2 have showed up on the screen. All things considered, if a wild image shows up, it can supplant the seventeenth and can bring the pick up.

In the greater part of the wild spaces amusements, the wild image can supplant any image with the exception of disseminate, free twists or reward (as they likewise have unique capacities).

Some types of wild symbols

Standard – a wild standard image replaces different images on dynamic paylines to enable you to win.

On particular rollers – In some wild openings diversions, wild images just show up on specific rollers. For instance, they can just show up on rollers 1 and 3, or in another mix.

Expandables – the stacked wild expandable images are an extremely unique classification which produce high income. They cover a full roll when showing up, in this manner framing various rewards

Sticky – wild images that stay similarly situated for various rounds

Irregular – wild additional images can be enacted haphazardly amid the diversion.

Multipliers – Wild multiplier images are extremely helpful on the grounds that they supplant different images as well as duplicates or increases picks up

You should simply pick a slot machine and find wild images!

If you would like to have fun and play online mobile slots, you should try Mata Hari slot game. 

Join the adventure with this slot machine which features a seductive soundtrack and numerous bonuses as Wild, free spins and symbol stacks. If you’re thinking of playing an Indian-themed slot, Mata Hari might just be worth having a look at.

Mata Hari is a mobile-compatible slot which is surprisingly fun to play. The online slot looks pretty and has multiple wilds, including expanded wilds, helping to keep things fresh and preventing the game from getting too monotonous. If you’re going to play an Indian-themed slot, Mata Hari might just be worth having a look at – that’s if you can track it down anywhere.

Get the exotically awards of Mata Hari slot

This exotical slot game offers 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines and a coin size that ranges between 1 and 5. This enables you to set a max bet of 250 coins per spin. There are a lot of playing card symbols which appear on the 5×4 board but they’ve been attractively designed and look quite sophisticated in their reddish-purple finish. The game comes with an autoplay option incidentally which can be set as high as 100 spins, and a Max Bet button.

Be wild and win!

The Wild symbols in this game are indicated with the word “Wild” written across them. During free spins the  Mata Hari symbol is also wild and appears stacked on the reels.

The wild Mata Hari symbol will nudge during free spins, filling the reel and ushering in big wins. Land three or more purple Free Spins symbols on the board to activate this feature.

Spin to win with the beautiful character of Mata Hari!

Lean everything you need to know about mobile slots

Due to the evolution of technologies in recent years, more and more great inventions have appeared.  Here am I talking about online casinos that give us the opportunity to play real money on the phone or tablet directly with the great mobile slots. I remember that a few years ago another great invention made its way to light: the sport betting online platforms. Here, hidden in a corner, they offered a section for video slots and table games. But quite a little compared with the number of games on the full desktop site.

Mobile Slots

Lately, the number of games offered has increased on almost every site, and most have started to focus more and more on the casino side of the mobile. More recently, some operators even offer separate casino apps. It all started with huge platforms developed especially for gambling lovers and also from the need of offering the client as much as possible.

What Do You Have to Know

When talking about mobile slot games, there are a few things you should know. First, approximately 80% of the mobile games offered are video slots, no matter where you play. The rest of them are dedicated to table games and video poker. Some online casinos also have live blackjack and roulette with a live dealer, but not at all. Before opening an account, it’s a good idea to look at the games available at the recommended casinos because there is a huge difference between their offer.

You can easily find free games to play in order to improve your skills. Find your favourite mobile slot games and become a pro!

Mobile slots are getting more colorful and creative by the day and players are enjoying having the added features on top of gambling at the convenience of their homes. Any design these days has to have in mind mobile users who make a large percentage of online players.

Among featured slots are twin spin deluxe, Vikings go Berzerk, Fruit spin, Crazy Cows, Tower Quest among others. These games are available for free but you can also play for money against players in your category.

Why Play Mobile Slots?

There are many advantages to mobile slots, most of them all about convenience. The average adult spends at least three hours of their time on their mobile phone, and so any new invention that is compatible with these mobile devices is a hit. Users don’t have to be tied to their computer to lay their favorite games. Even better is the fact that you can play at any time of day or night.

Makers of these games entice players to download apps on their phones by offering them perks such as free spins and cash-backs and even bonuses on deposits. It is no wonder mobile slots are gaining popularity by the day.

Yet another factor that favors your playing online is the design. Initially, it was thought that only live casinos had the thrill that comes with gambling, but so do mobile slot casinos. Casino designs are getting more creative by the day and so online players have the experience they would be seeking when gaming in live casinos.

Addiction Worries?

Being as mobile slot games are easily accessible, one is likely to spend too much of their time on them, unknowingly becoming unproductive. Control is a personal thing, so you should seek to draw a line.

 When playing online mobile slots you can win real money 

Many big casinos, the world over, now have mobile slot apps that you can download to your device and play online. You can get these free mobile slots virtually online, for a Vegas-like experience. They are one of the feats technologies has provided us with, allowing gamblers to play without having to head out to the casino.

Win real money online

There is no physical lever to pull in a virtual casino, but gamblers still get the feel of the gaming club. They also get to choose if they want to put on real money for a bet. It can be a tough task to decide which slot to play online. Among the choices they have include mobile slots with bonus games, classic slots, or games with specific themes such as animal or movie slots. The most they can do is to relax and watch the reels increase their credits and hopefully, win real money online.

Play online mobile slots

The main reason why gamblers love to play mobile slot games online is the luxury that they provide. They are conveniently played from anywhere as long as a player has a device and an online connection. Mobile slots are super easy to understand and use, which accommodates inexperienced gamblers. The rules are relatively easy: Players just pick their coin, pull a lever, and see where their luck stands at.

Free bonus mobile slots

Some of these mobile slots provide enticements, that include free bonuses that include Wild, free spins and symbol stacks. An Indian-themed slot, Mata Hari, is full of such incentives.  With lots of adventure and a seductive soundtrack the game might be worth a look.

Free mobile casino slots

Mobile casino slots games allow you to play for free on exercise mode, without putting real money on the table. Bettors may select between 5-reel slots or 3-reel classic slots, which happen to be simple to play. They, however, necessitate a deeper look, as they differ with regards to rules and game play.