Real Money Slot Machines

If you are looking for a casino with real money prospects in the city, then you want to check reviews to see what others users think. The most basic yet important things to look for in slot games for real money include the services you get at an online casino. You want to look for world-class games, unbeatable bonus offers, professional and available –24/7 customer support, secure banking, as well as fast withdrawals.

Free Slot Games for Real Money

There are several free slot games– no deposit where you win real money while playing at home or anyone you prefer as long as it is in the confines of New Jersey. Bonuses should be fairly distributed to everyone and quite frequent if we may add. Some casinos have daily bonuses that keep gamblers coming back. The games should be a variety and the casino should make a habit of releasing new ones every now and then to keep players interested. The games should also be designed in a way that anyone can access them through whichever operating system they uses.

Customer care is vital in managing a business and being as online casinos attend to thousands of gamblers at any time, they should have dedicated desks to answer the most common as well as complex cases.

Security is Key

Security is key if you asked anyone who has ever given their details online. You want your information to be safe from identity thieves and so the wisest thing is to only share it with those who respect you enough to protect it.

NJ online casinos are licensed by land-based casinos and their servers are in Atlantic City. the regulated and known ones will not allow you to register or play if you are not within the confines of NJ.

Real Slot Reviews

There are many real slot machine available for you to indulge in and online playing makes it possible to get any game at any time of day or night. In NJ, the rules are quite flexible and you can play was long as you are 21 and older or have a smart communication device. All online casinos are licensed by offline casinos and their servers are hence found in Atlantic City.

Free Real Slot Games

The various online slot machines have a variety of games. OMG! Kittens is one of the most loved slot games in Atlantic City. Whether you love these furry friends or not, you will find yourself hooked to this game created by Williams Interactive. You get free spins and at the end of them, you will have a “bonus guarantee” where you get 10X money wagered if you finish your bonus with less than 10 times total bet won. The game is free for all too!

One other online casino slot game that has caught on in AC is Wishing you Fortune. The relaxing music and unique design are two of the things that make this game a winner. It is fun too and is not as demanding in terms of strategy. Those playing it note its volatility but still believe it to be one of the best free slot games for winning real money. You have the chance to trigger the “Fortune reel” on reel three to either get a fortune wild or fortune wheel bonus. Either of these will give you some great chances when playing and you will save some money with the bonus. This game has been rated as one of the most fun to play online.

So, if you want free entertainment online, then you just have to go and check these games out!

Slot Game Reviews

Slot games have three or more reels that spin when buttons are pushed. They are quite popular as they need no skills and you stand to win – or lose – a stack of cash. No land-based casino is ever complete without them and so naturally slot machines are always packed with player. If you are not keen you get so drawn in that you won’t realize how you went through $100 in minutes. Being a fun game, you will need to know how to manage your money and bets to avoid losing it all in one go.

Progressive Jackpots and the Regular Kind

These are quite popular in both online and land-based casinos as they are quite easy to play as we noted and they also have a huge payout. Progressive jackpots increase with each game played and so the final pay is handsome. Regular jackpots are not progressively incremental but they still yield beautifully.

3 and 5 Reel Slots

They are some of the slot games no deposit that you can play at any of the licensed online casinos in NJ, and they derive their name from the number of spins you get to make. These games yield quite a lot and so they are naturally among the top slot games played in both land-based and online casinos.

i-slots, having been introduced in the scene just recently, give the player chances to play as though they were playing a video game, only difference being they can play for real money here. To play slot games online, you would have to create an account with an online operator and then deposit some money for the bet you are about to make. To improve your skills or if you are just playing for fun, try any of the free bonus slot games available from your favorite casino.


Real Money Slot Machines

Choosing a slot game to play online is not always easy as they have lots of options. You have movie themes, TV shows, music, and several other themes. They also have progressive vs. regular slots, which is also quite confusing especially when you want the advantages of both options. High limit slots give you the chance to play for as much as $500 per spin while penny, quite the opposite, allows you to lay for pennies.

More slot games real money vary even further.  In tournaments, you can compete with other players for prizes while classics contain 3-reel and fruits choices. Video is the newest form of slot games that takes the forms of video games and is quite popular now.

Play for Free First, Then…

Almost everything in life has a learning curve, and slots are not any different. Before playing slot games for real money, it wouldn’t hurt to play the free slot games at no deposit to win real money at the end of it. Free games not only improve your skills but they also give you the confidence to try it out with the competition when the time comes for that. All online casinos offer free games and then they allow you to create an account and deposit money for a game.

When in NJ, you check out the numerous licensed online casinos for the ultimate experience. Pala, Harrah’s Golden Nugget, SugarHouse, Virgin, Tropicana, and 888 are only a handful of the operators that will give you the introduction you deserve into the online betting world of New Jersey.

These establishments will ask your age when you create an account to ascertain that you are of legal age. They will also only allow those within the state to create accounts. They safeguard your money as well as your information, and so you are safe.

Real Slot Reviews

With the legalizing of online betting in NJ, more and more people are starting to move from land-based casinos to the more exclusive online versions. The beauty in online betting is the privacy where you don’t have to worry about others judging your gambling preference. It also helps that with free games, you get to improve your skills and bet for real money whether online or in land-based casinos.

The real slot machines you see in land-based casinos have been replicated online to give a player the same feeling of being in an Atlantic City or Vegas joint. Lively music, graphics, and HD videos make it look like one is in really not missing much.

More of Luck than Strategy

The online slot machines found in online casinos are always packed because you really don’t need skills to play slots. No meaningful strategy will help you either and most of the time, winning in slots is all about luck. When playing online casino slot games, you learn a few tricks quite fast and are able to determine what works and what doesn’t. Fun stuff to play too but you could blow through $100 with the speed of lightning and so you want to be careful when managing your money. Place small bets to keep your losses modest and maximize your wins by taking more spins.

Choose the Ideal Casino

How do you know the best casino to choose from when playing slots? Simple: check reviews from other players. They are not mere rants as they could contain meaningful information that will prevent you from losing money. Also, choose a licensed online casino that asks for ID to be certain that you are aged at least 21 and that protects your identity. As much as you can help it, find a casino that offers free real slot games.

Winning progressive jackpots

For those who are not familiar with the world of online slots, progressive slots can be a mystery. However, once a gambler gathers some experience, he or she can quickly become aware of the big amounts of money that can come from progressive slots. Also, they will see that a progressive jackpot win is a good way to make some money.

In order to win progressive jackpots, gamblers must play at machines that are networked together and operated by a single developer. They are called progressive jackpots because they increase progressively until the prizes are won.

It is good for gamblers to know where the prize money comes from. The explanation is that, each time a gambler plays one of these games, a small percentage of the stake goes into a central pot. As a result, the jackpot is from that pot. There are many ways to win the prizes and all of them will depend on the game. This might be as basic as obtaining the right combination of symbols on the reels. On the other hand, it might involve working the way through a variety of bonus features. On certain occasions, the chances to win are awarded randomly.

Benefits and disadvantages of progressive jackpots

Progressive slots can be found in many casinos and are very popular among gamblers. Also, they come along with both benefits and disadvantages. These aspects are all linked between each other, because the reason is the same. More precise, a disadvantage of progressive jackpots is that they don’t show up in a certain slot game as often as regular jackpots. The reason is that, because it is collected from multiple slot games, it only shows up in a certain game, at a time. On the other hand, the benefit is that, when it does show, it is usually bigger than a normal jackpot. The reason is the same, because it is collected from multiple slot games, it gathers more money.

Wild Wild Gems Online Slot Game Review

Wild Wild Gems is a 3-reel and 9 payline online slot game provided by Everi. This a colorful slot game which will surely capture your attention with some impressive shiny gems. Prepare to bathe in a pool of diamonds and precious stones and start winning big! Wild Wild Gems has an RTP of 95.84%.

Wild Wild Gems Slot Features

In Wild Wild Gems, you have the chance to win the Wild Gems Jackpot. This is a jackpot which values 10,000 credits, multiplied by the placed bet per line.

Wild Wild Gems Free Spins

Free Spins is not a characteristic of this slot game.

CasinoMeister Online Slot Game Review

CasinoMeister is that kind of slot game that literally shoves the gold into your face. Prepare to be ambushed by classy, golden symbols that will only make you want to win more. The graphics are as shiny as they get and the aesthetics of the slot game are clean and modern overall.

CasinoMeister Slot Features

CasinoMeister offers some really interesting features. Firstly, you can gamble every win you get with the classic choice between a black and a red card. The maximum amount of guesses is 5.

CasinoMeister Free Spins

CasinoMeister offers Free Spins as a bonus feature, when landing 3 or more Vortan scatter symbols. Get them anywhere on the playscreen and benefit from 3x multipliers. Beware of the rogue pigs! Once they show up, you’ve got 5 spins left.

Irish Eyes Online Slot Game Review

Irish Eyes is a tribute to all that has to do with what we call the Irish Luck. This is a very cheerful game, full of colorful symbols. If you are looking for a classic slot type of game, Irish Luck will surely cheer you up!

Irish Eyes Slot Features

With Irish Luck you will encounter symbols such as pots of gold, leprechauns, letters and numbers, a red-haired lady and, of course, the famous four-leafed clover. This is a 5-reel and 25-payline game which offers you a number of cool features. The Pick Me Bonus is triggered by getting the green leprechaun on reels one and five, and awards you with the chance to pick and reveal coins stacked behind symbols. Also, with Irish Eyes, you can get the Gamble Feature, where you have to pick the correct card color.

Irish Eyes Free Spins

Free Spins are triggered by the red-haired lady. You will get 12 free spins if you manage to get at least 3 ladies on the reels! Of course, you can always re-trigger them when landing the lady again.

Golden Chief Online Slot Game Review

Golden Chief is a 5-reel online slot game which features a Native American theme. This is a subject portrayed by many classic slot games, which means that you might be familiar with its graphics and symbols. Overall, it is a colorful game with a decent RTP, so why not give it a go?

Golden Chief Slot Features

With Golden Chief you will meet symbols such as bears, totem poles, numbers, letters and a female character. The Wild symbol is literally a symbol with “Wild” written on it, which comes over a multi-colored background. The most exciting feature is the Golden Chief Bonus, which will come up once you land a minimum of three Scatter Symbols.

Golden Chief Free Spins

Golden Chief gives you 5 Free Spins, which you can also gamble for up to a maximum of 30. The disadvantage is that if you gamble, you risk ending up with none.

Blood Suckers Online Slot Game Review

Blood Suckers is a 5-reel slot game available on mobile, tablet and desktop. It provides 25 paylines, and once you start playing this game, you are in for a vampire hunt! This pretty terrifying theme will walk you through coffins, burial chambers, vampires and vampire brides. Pretty cool, right? So far so good. What will really blow you away is the game’s RTP, which is rated at 98%.

Blood Suckers Slot Features

Get at least 3 consecutive Stake and Hammer symbols and you activate the Bonus Feature. Once you do this, your job is to find and slay every vampire that comes out of the coffins. For each vampire you manage to slay, you are rewarded cash prizes. What really adds up to the experience is the fact that everything happens in an ancient burial chamber.

Blood Suckers Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is activated when you get 3 Vampire Bride symbols on any of the reels. If you get 4 symbols, your stake is multiplied by 25, and 5 symbols will get you a multiplier of 100. The minimum number of symbols rewards you with 10 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier. More than 3 Vampire Bride symbols will get you 10 Free Spins extra, without the multiplier.

Roman Adventure with Glorious Empire Slot Machine

Glorious Empire is a five reel slot with four rows and forty fixed paylines; those gold-rimmed reels sit against a backdrop featuring the city of Athens with ornate buildings under a sunset sky.

Explore the glories of the Roman Empire in this colourful new slot machine from Next Gen. Glorious Empire is a fun and atmospheric slot game with a dramatic theme. The symbols and images are ideal for creating a feeling of splendour in the glories of the Roman Empire,  This evocative title features Roman soldiers, golden lion shields, winged horses and chariots on the reels while dramatic orchestral music plays in the background to give a feeling of power and spectacle.

Based on the Roman Empire, it pays both ways which helps. However, it’s all about the Free Games feature where you can get up to 30 free spins in total.

Bonus Features

When it comes to bonus features, Glorious Empire slot comes with free spins. Glorious Empire is all about the Free Games feature which is triggered when you get 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels. 3 scatters give you 7 free spins whilst 4 gives you 10 free spins. Glorious Empire is all about the sticky wilds in the Free Games feature – if you get a handful or more, prepare yourself for colossal wins.


Glorious Empire is a worthy addition to the ranks of Greek god-themed slots and it’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the Roman age and historical themed slot games. You’ll win small amounts on almost every spin and it comes with an RTP of 96.93%. Although this game is quite simple and there is no bonus round, the general gameplay and interesting theme should keep players entertained.

Check it out below a short demo!

Try the amazing online slot, Kronos Unleashed

The leader of the Titans and father of Zeus has returned to us after his outing in the original Kronos slot;  Kronos Unleashed is back with plenty of free spins and a godlike jackpot to aim for.

Kronos Unleashed is a five reel slot with eight rows and a potential one hundred paylines; those reels occupy quite a small portion of the available screen space which is otherwise taken up by large boxes displaying your balance, your stake and the various jackpots available.

Playable on desktop, mobile and tablet devices from £1 to £400 per spin, Kronos makes his return as he unleashed lightning bolts onto the reels to give you a Lightning Respin feature, free spins and a jackpot bonus.

Why to play Kronos Unleashed?

Kronos Unleashed is similar to the original, Kronos, and based on the King of the Titans and the god of time – with a flaming background, you will see Kronos stand proudly behind the 8 row high reel set.

The temple is wild, it appears only on reels two, three and four and it will substitute for all others to help form winning combinations except for the Kronos and lion’s head scatter symbols.

The higher value symbols include the winged Pegasus, the lion, Kronos’ throne and one of his bracelets; J, Q, K and A make up the lower values.

Bonus Features

When it comes to bonus features, Kronos Unleashed comes with plenty – look out for any Kronos symbol of the same colour landing fully on reel 1 as this will trigger the Lightning Respin Bonus feature. Reel 1 remains completed filled with a Kronos symbol with 3 respins awarded.

A minimum of 4 symbols will be added – these symbols are then held for the duration of the feature. The symbols that will appear are Kronos and Power Up symbols. Furthermore, only 1 colour of Kronos symbols may be active at a time and will be the same as the colour of the Kronos symbol covering reel 1.


Seem complicated? Once you get playing Kronos Unleashed, you will see it’s simpler than it seems – the Free Spins Bonus feature is good but it’s all about the Lightning Respin Bonus.

Check it out here a short demo!


About Blackjack and its Variations

Due to the continuous evolution of technology, everything has developed very fast, creating more opportunities for us. One of the greatest developments in the last decade has occurred in gambling. Smart people have discovered a way to take casino games and transform them in digital games, by developing great online platforms dedicated to gambling only. We all know the classic type of blackjack, but did you know that there are many more variations of it? A popular type to play is Atlantic City Blackjack. Have you ever heard about it?

Information about Atlantic City Blackjack

It is considered to be a superior version of the classic 21. Even though the main rules are mostly the same, it is the greatest game to play. While in the classic version of it is uses one deck of cards, here we use eight deck of cards. New Jersey Gambling Authority have regulated the rules of Atlantic City Blackjack so, all casinos play but these rules.

Play your favourite type of casino games!

No matter what your favourite game is, play and practice and you will certainly hit the big jackpot.









Crown of Egypt Slot Review

Egypt allows the slots developers to involve various gods and other characters as well as the pyramids, the Sphinx and the like. A real show for slots fans. Crown Of Egypt is from the capable studio of IGT and it’s a worthwhile addition to the Egyptian genre – it features five reels, 1024 ways to win and some lovely graphics.  The soundtrack used adds the Egyptian atmosphere to the entire game. The hieroglyphics of the reels are set against a background which emphazise the atmosphere.

The slot game symbols include images of Egyptians gods such as Ra and Anubis; there’s also a Pharaoh, a female Pharaoh while the minor symbols are represented by J, Q, K and A.

“Crown of Egypt”, the special symbols, appears on reels two, three, four and five and a spectacular translucent pyramid which activates the bonus round.

Bonus Features

Multiway Xtra

This feature is IGT’s way of spicing up the paylines a little; to activate it you’ll have to be playing with 40 lines and then you need to click the plus button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  Your stake will be doubled but we think t’s worth it.

Playing this slot game, you can win not just on standard paylines, but also if matching symbols are on adjacent lines – although it costs more you should also win more.

Free Spins

In Crown of Egypt, the only way to trigger the free spins is to land two or more of the pyramid symbols on the centre reel.  This slot features four rows of reels rather than the usual three, so this is not quite as difficult as it sounds to get the free spins.

The reels used in the free spin round are more valuable than in the base game and you can check the symbol values by on the payable.  It’s also possible to re-trigger this feature by landing more pyramids although there’s a maximum of 130.


Crown of Egypt is a worthy addition to the burgeoning ranks of Egyptian-flavoured slots and the Multiway Xtra and free spins round mean this is a useful use of your spare time