IS MOBILE THE FUTURE OF GAMING – mobile slots guide

According to statistics, the gaming industry is expected to receive more than $100 billion by the end of 2021. This is because of the popularity of games such as mobile slots. The mobile gaming industry seems to have grown quite fast, with everyone spending their free time gambling online through their smart devices. The following are reasons why mobile gaming is quite popular.

  • Easy access to games

Unlike in the past, where you had to visit a physical casino for you to play slots, you can now access all your favorite slot titles through your mobile device. Playing on mobile means that you have access to slot games at any time. They also do not limit you to a particular location for you to play.

  • In-app

Most of the casinos provide an app that enables you to play slots from your device uninterrupted. Though the app may take up some space in your smart device, it gives you good gaming experience. You can browse through numerous slot titles and start playing at your convenience.

  • Free play

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for you to get a feel of your favorite slot machines available on mobile. If you are a casual gamer, you have the opportunity to play mobile games without spending a dime.

Playing mobile slots online

Every day, people are ditching their PCs and using iPhone and Android devices to get a feel of mobile slots. These games are better than their rival counterparts in terms of graphics, game features as well as speed. Most of the casinos optimize their slots to work on various devices. Playing slots using a touchscreen can give you an interactive experience. It gives you the same entertainment level as playing on your PC. Try mobile slots for free or real money today!

Advantages of mobile slots

Mobile Slots are a true innovation in the gambling world. A variety of slots producers aimed to reach the sky and developed mobile applications that offer you an enhanced experience of the same game. Here are some of the greatest advantages of being able to play your favourite game using a mobile application.

Mobile Slots: Top advantages

1.  Aesthetics – a mobile application is usually dedicated to one type of game, so they have to make the best out of it. The combination of colours, the symbols used, everything has to be on fleek.

2. Usability – When speaking about mobile slots, we have to refer to them as being user-friendly. Every customer has to have a great experience, with no problems encountered.

3. Wherever and Whenever – Imagine being able to play your favourite games anywhere you want and at any time. Well, now it is possible!

4. Security – Fear no more! Your data is going to be used only for this particular game and only in your interest.

5. Comfort – you can play mobile slots with just a couple of clicks. You get to stay in your most comfortable outfit, in the most comfortable place in the house.

The benefits of mobile slots are countless. One thing is for sure: entertainment is closer than ever.

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Due to the different platforms available for players, some tend to wonder which platform can give them the highest profits. This is a valid concern when betting for real money. The RTP rate determines how much you can make from playing slots. This percentage also shows the casino’s house edge. Every casino is expected to reveal this information for each game to the public. Mobile slots come with a higher RTP compared to the ones offered at land-based slots.

Brick and mortar casinos have to minimize this rate for them to maintain the profit margins. Since they have to take care of additional costs such as general overheads and operational prices, land-based sites, cannot set the same RTP rate as mobile slots. This means that you can win more money from playing slots from your mobile than relying on a land-based casino.

What are mobile slots free spins?

When playing popular slot machines on your mobile device, you can benefit from the rewards that the casino offers. One of the offers common in most sites is free spins. These allow you to spin the reels without spending a dime. You should understand that this bonus applies to particular slot machines. Try to use the free spins as soon as you start playing so that they don’t expire. If you attain winnings with the use of the free spins after the expiration date, you may have problems trying to withdraw your winnings.

Top 3 mobile slots to play

Mobile slots continue becoming bigger and better each day. When you don’t have experience in these games, you may find a lot of challenges identifying a suitable one. Every slot machine comes from a particular software company and has a unique theme. You should only choose to play the best mobile slots available today. Some of the highly-rated games on the mobile platform are discussed as follows:

  • Quick hit platinum slot

Bally technologies came up with a great game that a lot of mobile slots players love. The software company is famous for developing innovative games that can be played for real money or fun. People love the amazing graphics of this game as well as its pleasant soundtrack which accompanies your gameplay. Some of the available symbols that you should utilize to form winning combinations include cherry, 2Bar, 7s, and bell. If you have an iPhone device, you can access the mobile format of this game.

  • Triple diamond

If you prefer playing classic slot games, then Triple diamond should be among the mobile slots games that you need to consider. The game stands out in that it has different lines like V, diagonal and straight lines. It also contains some classic slot symbols that you will love. You will enjoy the backlit symbols and stereo sound included in this game. Lucky players have managed to win as much as 1000 credits from Triple diamond. Though the volatility of the game is high, it offers great gameplay and huge wins.

  • Buffalo slots

Experienced players prefer fast-paced mobile slots such as Buffalo slot. This is an exciting game which gives you the chance to fill the screen with some impressive Buffalo symbols. Unlike conventional mobile slots that make use of pay lines, this offers more than 1000 ways of winning. You can start enjoying it with only a cent as you learn its basics. The symbols of this game pay from left to right, with the buffalo being the most rewarding one. Since the buffalo symbol is stacked, it tends to appear more than once on a reel.