The love for animals inspires a lot of software developers to create slot games based on wildlife. One of the games that have incorporated a similar theme is raging rhino online. Though this game was initially available at land-based sites, online platforms now offer it to attract more customers. Playing this slot game from your phone or desktop is more convenient and fun since you can play it at your own pace.

Play raging rhino as you explore the great visuals of this game. It is set in the African Jungle, which is full of different animals. Though the lion is usually the king, the rhino in this game is more superior to any other animal in the jungle. This also makes it the most valuable symbol. The charming sounds of animals accompany every spin in raging rhino online slot. You will also like the lovely scene of the skyline in this slot machine.

Apart from the animal symbols, players of Raging Rhino slot online can utilize the African tree and diamond symbols to win more. In this game, the African tree stands for the wild symbol. It often shows up in most of the reels and can replace the ordinary symbols. The diamond, on the other hand, is the scatter symbol that has to occupy three positions to award a payout. It has an RTP of 95.91%. This rate is a bit low compared to what other slot games offer.

Does the slot deliver?

Most newbies who try Raging Rhino online game for the first time often wonder if this game can deliver excellent results. Though the slot machine is not perfect, it can be a game-changer due to its numerous winning possibilities. Though some players still prefer the regular pay lines structure, incorporating the ‘ways-to-win’ format makes the famous raging rhino online different from conventional machines. The game can also award as much as 80,000 coins to the best players. According to most reports, this slot machine is not only entertaining but also rewarding. Learn how to play raging rhino today and increase your chances of making great wins from it.

Why raging rhino is a lucky slot 

Not many slots have the potential of multiplying your bet up to 400 times, but raging rhino slot can. This is a classic style slot machine that can make you the lucky winner of a great amount. Playing this game gives you a chance to entertain not only yourself but also build your bankroll. It is a fun game that both newbies and experienced players explore from time to time. The ‘ways-to-win’ format also makes raging rhino a lucky slot. As you play this game, you also get an additional reel for you to align symbols. It, therefore, gives you great opportunities for you to form wins.

Play raging rhino lucky slot from any device

Unlike in the past, where casino games were only available at brick and mortar sites, you can now access and play such slots from any device. WMS ensures that this game is compatible with different operating systems to accommodate players on various devices. Even when you have a small screen, you can still enjoy a realistic experience from playing raging rhino. Both Android and iPhone devices enable one to enjoy the great sound effects and 3D graphics featured in Raging rhino. Feel free to play this game for fun before trying it on the real-money mode.

The bonus guarantee makes raging rhino a unique slot

A free spin bonus round just slipping away from you as you play slots can be quite demoralizing. If this has happened to you in the past, you should not worry about having such an experience as you play raging rhino. This game has a unique feature known as the bonus guarantee that prevents you from walking away with anything less than ten times your stake. Every time you get to the free spins bonus round, you should take advantage of the bonus guarantee feature available.

Top secrets to win at raging rhino 

Do you wonder how it would feel like to go on a Safari to the African Savannah? Take a trip to the wonderland by playing raging rhino from the comfort of your home. This game exposes you to some dangerous animals, which are the key to making great wins from playing. For you to start winning at online Raging Rhino, you need to get familiar with it through the fun mode. Most sites let you play this game for fun so that you can learn its basics.

Once you get comfortable with Raging Rhino slot game, you can start placing bets. Since the game is highly volatile, you should start making a small bet at first and leave the maximum bets to the experts. Making a minimum bet in this game allows you to remain in a comfort zone for long.

If you are playing this slot for the first time, you may not like it a first, but frequent playing can change your perception of the game. It may be a highly volatile game, but most players report making small winnings from a single session. It may not appear friendly at first, but it offers generous payments that most players love.

Experts of this game can agree that learning the right strategy is the secret to winning at Raging Rhino game. For you to beat the machine, you should learn how to trigger the available free spins. Earning a high number of free spins gives you a chance to increase your winnings. Any wilds that show up during the free spins enables you to earn multipliers that can double or triple your wins. The good thing about this slot is that gaining free spins is not that complicated.

This game has a prolonged cycle length. You, therefore, need to take advantage of the coins for you to influence this cycle. Though you may be looking forward to making great wins from mobile Raging Rhino, you should be prepared to make some losses during the first rounds. When this happens, triggering the free spins can help you return what you have lost in the game.