Goblins Cave Online Slot Game Review

Goblins Cave is the sort of slot game you are looking for as long as you wish for frequent, but low paying wins. Although Goblins Cave is not the place for big wins, it is perfect for beginners and those who wish to see a frequent return of money. The game has both the real money and the free play version. This three-reel slot is the perfect combination between decent graphics and entertainment.

Goblins Cave Features

In Goblins Cave, wilds are represented by rubies and they can substitute for any other symbol in your advantage. Apart from the standard winning combination, non-standard winning combinations are available. All you gave to do is get 3 symbols in each one of the sets. The game has 5 paylines available and a maximum bet of $0.10 to spin the reels.

Goblins Cave Free Spins

Goblins Cave lacks free spins. The biggest downside of the game is that it doesn’t provide the player with scatter and bonus features. Once again, Goblins Cave is the perfect game for beginners and small but frequent wins.