What is the online casino bonanza game?

Online casino Bonanza game is exactly 5 years old now as it came into existence back in 2016, and just after we thought that we had seen everything in the online gambling platforms then came the bonanza’s 117, 649 ways to win online slot system. The above numbers of paylines are incredible, so how are they achieved; well the paylines are made possible thanks to the varied symbol sizes that are up to 7 per reel. 

Bonanza game is characteristic of a minecart configured to add an extra symbol on each spin on reels two, three, four, and five. The winning symbols that come up are by extension part of a reaction and are consequently replaced by symbols that fall from above. Apart from the many winning options that punters are presented with; the bonanza game has also incorporated free spins, winning symbols that come complete with six reels and three rows. 

The above, therefore, gives punters a better chance at striking the rather elusive treasure. Playing the online casino bonanza game is straightforward, as you will first place your bet and this you will do by first locating the two arrows on the left side of your screen, and once you have selected the amount that you want to bet just click on spin, your bet will be submitted and you can proceed to spin the reels. 

The game also comes equipped with bonuses in the form of free spins, to get the latter you must first achieve at least four gold bars, which will have spelled out the word GOLD. For the above you will get up to 12 free spins and an additional five in case you get more gold bars; the game has also been equipped with the free spin scatter icon that will present itself in the cart and consequently award the extra free spins. 

When the free spins come to an end, the player will be presented with the total winnings, and if by any chance you had won then your winning will be credited to your account. Remember, however, that the bet amount that was used to initiate the free spins will also be used in the duration of the free spins. 

The bonanza game also features the auto spin option that allows punters to play a given number of spins but at the current bet. To access the auto spin you will just follow a simple process of selecting your desired bet on the arrows, and then proceed to click on the auto spin button, and select the number of spins that you want to play with regards to your current bet setting.  

The auto spin feature will, therefore, play the specified number of spins up until you press the stop button in which case a bonus may be triggered or your bet amount might have been used up to trigger another spin. As you engage the bonanza game, it might interest you to know that payouts only occur for the consecutive icons, disregarding the height from left to right on the adjacent symbol positions. 

When playing the online casino bonanza game you can also expect the winning combinations to be added together, and the payouts will be in multiples of stake per play and the highest winning gets paid on each of the winning combinations.