Winning progressive jackpots

For those who are not familiar with the world of online slots, progressive slots can be a mystery. However, once a gambler gathers some experience, he or she can quickly become aware of the big amounts of money that can come from progressive slots. Also, they will see that a progressive jackpot win is a good way to make some money.

In order to win progressive jackpots, gamblers must play at machines that are networked together and operated by a single developer. They are called progressive jackpots because they increase progressively until the prizes are won.

It is good for gamblers to know where the prize money comes from. The explanation is that, each time a gambler plays one of these games, a small percentage of the stake goes into a central pot. As a result, the jackpot is from that pot. There are many ways to win the prizes and all of them will depend on the game. This might be as basic as obtaining the right combination of symbols on the reels. On the other hand, it might involve working the way through a variety of bonus features. On certain occasions, the chances to win are awarded randomly.

Benefits and disadvantages of progressive jackpots

Progressive slots can be found in many casinos and are very popular among gamblers. Also, they come along with both benefits and disadvantages. These aspects are all linked between each other, because the reason is the same. More precise, a disadvantage of progressive jackpots is that they don’t show up in a certain slot game as often as regular jackpots. The reason is that, because it is collected from multiple slot games, it only shows up in a certain game, at a time. On the other hand, the benefit is that, when it does show, it is usually bigger than a normal jackpot. The reason is the same, because it is collected from multiple slot games, it gathers more money.

Wild Wild Gems Online Slot Game Review

Wild Wild Gems is a 3-reel and 9 payline online slot game provided by Everi. This a colorful slot game which will surely capture your attention with some impressive shiny gems. Prepare to bathe in a pool of diamonds and precious stones and start winning big! Wild Wild Gems has an RTP of 95.84%.

Wild Wild Gems Slot Features

In Wild Wild Gems, you have the chance to win the Wild Gems Jackpot. This is a jackpot which values 10,000 credits, multiplied by the placed bet per line.

Wild Wild Gems Free Spins

Free Spins is not a characteristic of this slot game.

CasinoMeister Online Slot Game Review

CasinoMeister is that kind of slot game that literally shoves the gold into your face. Prepare to be ambushed by classy, golden symbols that will only make you want to win more. The graphics are as shiny as they get and the aesthetics of the slot game are clean and modern overall.

CasinoMeister Slot Features

CasinoMeister offers some really interesting features. Firstly, you can gamble every win you get with the classic choice between a black and a red card. The maximum amount of guesses is 5.

CasinoMeister Free Spins

CasinoMeister offers Free Spins as a bonus feature, when landing 3 or more Vortan scatter symbols. Get them anywhere on the playscreen and benefit from 3x multipliers. Beware of the rogue pigs! Once they show up, you’ve got 5 spins left.

Irish Eyes Online Slot Game Review

Irish Eyes is a tribute to all that has to do with what we call the Irish Luck. This is a very cheerful game, full of colorful symbols. If you are looking for a classic slot type of game, Irish Luck will surely cheer you up!

Irish Eyes Slot Features

With Irish Luck you will encounter symbols such as pots of gold, leprechauns, letters and numbers, a red-haired lady and, of course, the famous four-leafed clover. This is a 5-reel and 25-payline game which offers you a number of cool features. The Pick Me Bonus is triggered by getting the green leprechaun on reels one and five, and awards you with the chance to pick and reveal coins stacked behind symbols. Also, with Irish Eyes, you can get the Gamble Feature, where you have to pick the correct card color.

Irish Eyes Free Spins

Free Spins are triggered by the red-haired lady. You will get 12 free spins if you manage to get at least 3 ladies on the reels! Of course, you can always re-trigger them when landing the lady again.

Golden Chief Online Slot Game Review

Golden Chief is a 5-reel online slot game which features a Native American theme. This is a subject portrayed by many classic slot games, which means that you might be familiar with its graphics and symbols. Overall, it is a colorful game with a decent RTP, so why not give it a go?

Golden Chief Slot Features

With Golden Chief you will meet symbols such as bears, totem poles, numbers, letters and a female character. The Wild symbol is literally a symbol with “Wild” written on it, which comes over a multi-colored background. The most exciting feature is the Golden Chief Bonus, which will come up once you land a minimum of three Scatter Symbols.

Golden Chief Free Spins

Golden Chief gives you 5 Free Spins, which you can also gamble for up to a maximum of 30. The disadvantage is that if you gamble, you risk ending up with none.

Blood Suckers Online Slot Game Review

Blood Suckers is a 5-reel slot game available on mobile, tablet and desktop. It provides 25 paylines, and once you start playing this game, you are in for a vampire hunt! This pretty terrifying theme will walk you through coffins, burial chambers, vampires and vampire brides. Pretty cool, right? So far so good. What will really blow you away is the game’s RTP, which is rated at 98%.

Blood Suckers Slot Features

Get at least 3 consecutive Stake and Hammer symbols and you activate the Bonus Feature. Once you do this, your job is to find and slay every vampire that comes out of the coffins. For each vampire you manage to slay, you are rewarded cash prizes. What really adds up to the experience is the fact that everything happens in an ancient burial chamber.

Blood Suckers Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is activated when you get 3 Vampire Bride symbols on any of the reels. If you get 4 symbols, your stake is multiplied by 25, and 5 symbols will get you a multiplier of 100. The minimum number of symbols rewards you with 10 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier. More than 3 Vampire Bride symbols will get you 10 Free Spins extra, without the multiplier.